Last update: 17.01.20223


These FAQs should help address many of your questions about steel doors. If you have more specific inquiries or need personalized assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you find the perfect steel door solution for your needs.

1. What is the price of loft-style doors?

Prices vary based on customization, size, and other factors. The price ranges from 300-800€/m2 

2. Do metal-framed doors have to be black?

While black is a popular choice, steel frames can be powder-coated in any color from the RAL palette. You can request your preferred color when seeking a quotation.

3. How to measure your doorway opening?

Measuring a doorway accurately is crucial. Measure at least six points: width at the bottom, mid-height, and top, and height at the left, right, and mid-width. These measurements ensure a precise fit.

4. What do we need to prepare a price estimation for you?

 To receive an accurate price estimate, provide dimensions of the doorway, architectural design drawings (if available), glass panel specifications, and the desired frame color.

5. When to install loft-type doors?

 Install loft-type doors at the final stages of construction, after flooring, wall finishing, and wallpapering 

6. Is installation of loft-type doors difficult? 

 Unlike traditional doors, loft-type doors are easy to install. Basic tools are sufficient, and most customers can install them independently.

7. Where can Formaloft projects be seen on display? 

We have completed numerous projects across Finland, some for renowned businesses like Vepsäläinen and A.S Helsingö Showroom in Fabianinkatu 4. 

8. Does the price include the project design? 

Yes, project designs are developed for free once the price estimate is accepted and a down payment is made.

9. How are loft-style doors delivered to customers? 

We ensure safe delivery to locations across Finland and  Europe, using well-proven carriers with proper insurance.

10. What is the lead time for orders? 

Lead times vary but can range from 4 to over a dozen weeks, depending on factors such as order complexity and scope.

11. If I place my order today, will you start the production tomorrow? 

Production begins after you approve the design drawings following down payment.

13. Do you also manufacture sliding glass doors? 

Yes, Formaloft offers various door types, including sliding doors, to meet individual customer needs.

17. What materials are used in your doors?

Steel doors are primarily made of steel, but they can feature glass panels, handles, and other accessories.

18. Are steel doors secure? 

 Yes, steel doors are known for their strength and security features.