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Planning and execution

Our zeal for beautiful architecture and preserving space / creating additional storage has prompted our desire to launch into this industry. Our aim is to recreate those good old golden interior design outlook perfectly blended with the latest trends and designs in steel interior furnishings for your home and office spaces.

With FormaLoft, there is absolutely no limit to your mind’s creativity about your space. We have what it takes to birth our customer’s dreams about their space especially when no one else believes it can be done.

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We make all the installations ourselves and Forma Loft’s professional door installers are local, licensed, insured and they have done a throughout training on how to to do all the installations. We make sure that all the installations go smoothly and without any problems.

Tempreture & sound

All our doors keep heat and are sound proof. If you want to create for example open working space where without any noise, we can create that. Our stylish designs will create your home or your working place into unique and comfortable place.

Tempreture & sound

Formaloft’s glass doors are made from stylish metal frames and glass windows. We are using several different metals and glasses depending on what client wants. Some of the glasses are for example more stronger than others and therefore they can last longer than normal glass.

We would love to tell you more

If you want to know more about Formaloft, don’t wait and send us an email or call now. We will be more than happy to tell about our products and services.