Steel glazed walls and doors for interior and exterior

Altaim Oy brings to the market an innovative product – Formaloft. It is a glazed construction wherethe frame is welded from the load bearing steel profiles which are as thin as to let the maximumlight through and as wide in depth as to have sufficient rigidity. Due to this minimalistic frame, thesteel glass partition accommodates free-flowing light.

The result is a contemporary unit, sleek and ascetic in style allowing the room to be the stage forthe natural light and shade plays throughout the day. Although Formaloft walls incorporatesimplicity and functionality it demands well thought-out design and fine-tuned details.

Steel doors, timeless design
You may know steel doors from the past, you saw them mainly in public buildings and factories. AtFormaloft we make the modern version of these beautiful classic doors. The steel interior doors ofFormaloft is characterized by its perfect finish.

How it’s made
Design from then, materials from now on
With our steel doors we offer you the sleek and timeless design of the past, but with the latestmaterials and technology. Instead of painting as before, we powder coated the steel now. The steelprofiles are first placed in the primer before they receive a hard protective layer in the desired ralcolor. Instead of putty we now use smaller steel profiles to put the glass. Where in the past thehinge was often the beginning of a rust spot, it is now no longer possible. The hinges are made ofstainless steel.

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We make all the installations ourselves and Forma Loft’s professional door installers are local, licensed, insured and they have done a throughout training on how to to do all the installations. We make sure that all the installations go smoothly and without any problems.

Tempreture & sound

All our doors keep heat and are sound proof. If you want to create for example open working space where without any noise, we can create that. Our stylish designs will create your home or your working place into unique and comfortable place.


Formaloft’s glass doors are made from stylish metal frames and glass windows. We are using several different metals and glasses depending on what client wants. Some of the glasses are for example more stronger than others and therefore they can last longer than normal glass.

How we work

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You can design your own door. You choose a combination of the type, the turning mechanism, model (surfaces) and dimensions. We make an accurate quotation for your steel door and if you give us instructions we go through the following steps. Or you can leave it to us!

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Your steel door starts with measuring. We come to you to take the exact measurements for your door (s). Then we also take all specifications, such as the color or handle, with you. This way you get exactly the door you want.

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We record all details and get started with the design drawing. You will receive the drawing to check the final design and sizes. After your agreement we will proceed to production

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We will assemble the steel door on your date or at the office on an agreed date. Your door is expertly placed; we work efficiently and neatly.

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A steel door guarantees design and light. It is now time to enjoy it daily.

We would love to tell you more

If you want to know more about Formaloft, don’t wait and send us an email or call now. We will be more than happy to tell about our products and services.